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Clubs and Activities

Club/Activity Advisor Purpose
Aquiline (Yearbook) Ms. Sferlazzo Publish the yearbook
Art Show Ms. Fisher, Ms. Lavin, Ms. Tummillo  
Bottlecappers Ms. Galli
Peer role models educating younger students in good decision-making and the risks of drugs/alcohol/tobacco.
Chess Club Mr. Romano
Educate and enlighten South students of the joys and challenges of chess
Choir Ms. Kaster
Provide extra-curricular opportunity for advanced choral students who have demonstrated excellence in the choral arts.
Color Guard Ms. Belke
Perform with the Eagles Marching Band
Computer Club (TSA) Ms. Sferlazzo  
Concert and Marching Band Mr. Raguseo
Improve musicianship and music appreciation through instrumental performance.
Dance Team Ms. Fischer  
Digital Publishing Ms. Tummillo, Ms. Grimm  
Diversity Club Ms. D'Urso, Ms. Velaquez  
Drama Club Mr. Koumoulis  
Eagle Eye Newspaper Ms. McKittrick, Ms. Whitmore
Publish the school newspaper
Eagles Helping the Community Mr. Tomanek
Help others and develop a philanthropic philosophy
Environmental Club Mr. Reynolds
Promote awareness of our environment and volunteer for environmental causes
Esports Mr. Seigel  
FBLA Ms. Galli and Mr. Riverso
Understand the role of business in our society
Forensics (Mock Trial) Mr. Isherwood, Ms. Balestriere  
Freshman and Sophomore Executive Board Ms. Lentine
Raise money for the Freshman Class and promote school spirit
Future Educators of America Ms. Galli, Ms. Velasquez  
GSA Mr. Koumoulis, Ms. Callahan  
Heroes and Cool Kids Ms. Nordstrom  
Junior Executive Board Ms. Keller, Ms. Mulligan
Raise money for the Junior Class and promote school spirit
Key Club Ms. Galli Community service
Latin Club Mr. Isherwood
Recognize outstanding students and enhance knowledge of Roman language and culture
Marching Band Mr. Raguseo, Mr. Buckle  
Math Team Ms. Shafer
Compete in Math League competitions with other schools
Model UN Mr. Romano
Compete in Model UN program developed by UNA-USA
Pep Band Mr. Raguseo
Improve musicianship and music appreciation through instrumental performance
Photography Ms. Casper, Ms. Sferlazzo
Promote student interest in photography by photographing school events.
PoliSci/Academic Team Mr. Reynolds  
Science Club Ms. Matri, Ms. Resnick
Practice science problems and concepts
Senior Executive Board    
Spring Musical Director Mr. Kozak  
Student Council Ms. Carey
Involve the student body in various school activities
Tech Team Ms. Casper, Ms. Sferlazzo  
TED Ed Club Ms. Roeder  
Transition Project (Peer Leadership) Ms. Nagy
Mentor Freshman so that they can make a successful transition to high school.
TV Production Mr. Corey
The Film/TV Club provides bi-monthly content coverage of South activities and sports. In addition, the club exposes students to the world of digital media and film making.
Volleyball Ms. Thorne, Ms. Smith
Enjoy and lean volleyball fundamentals in competitive and non-competitive settings.